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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Great post by Andrew Klavan on Ted Kennedy

A few very hysterical people here. It’s getting funny.

I wonder what’s going to happen when the poll is taken to find that most people don’t give a rats ass about how “great” Ted Kennedy was.

There is nothing more flattering to conservatism, than the wild illogical attacks by the spiritual brothers and sisters of Ted Kennedy on this site.

Well worth the read!

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I love the Blue period. Dulcimer and sweet voice.

I skipped the gym a few times for hiking. Tired of strident voices. it’s quite out there!

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Ralph Writes a great article about the failings of Obama, and the Obama cult comes out in force with their stupid cliches…

Read the article and some of the comments and you’ll see why I wrote this:

Please tell me this article is full of lies, or you were just kidding please Ralph…. I’m begging you…

These people love Obama that keep showing up on PJM almost have me convinced that Obama is the “ONE” and Sarah Palin is stupid because Obama is the “ONE” because Sarah Palin is stupid because Obama is the “ONE” ……………..

Oh wait Ralph you don’t need to tell me this article is all a lie… I figured it out myself by writing over and over the following; because Sarah Palin is stupid because Obama is the “ONE” because Sarah Palin is stupid…

Gee Ralph how can you not see how ill informed you are? Oh, by the way “ you have acted stupidly” on top of that. After all 95% of the American taxpayers got a tax cut!

Shame on you Ralph … you are so full of hate ……. how can you write this after 95% of American taxpayers got a tax break and because Obama is the “One” because Sarah Plain is stupid, oh wait and you must be a hate filled “teabagger” “that acts stupidly” too.

Ralph…… how dare you not love Obama… he is going to provide healthcare for every SINGLE American and illegal in America because he is because he said so and Sarah Palin is stupid. It doesn’t matter what the healthcare bill says. Just listen to Obama, because he is the“ONE”

Shame on you again … you must be a birther too… and I bet you want to see the grades he got when he went to all those colleges. How low you are Ralph… seriously, you people here let so many facts get in your way.

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