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I admit I had a few drinks tonight. But please are there any men left in the media? Are they all total pussies?

Read this. The real problem is that when the real men and women speak up…. the ones in fairyland  pee their pants!

Ok .. I’ve burned all my books by Mark Twain… I heard that was not his real name. … and I threw out my CDS of “The Fireman”(shhhhhhh only one of Paul McCartney’s pseudonyms.)(( Oh, by the way , one of the members of that early English music group, The Beatles.))

Let me see, I think I have some books here in my extensive library that have some of the real patriots of our founding writing with pseudonyms. Oh my… that puts me on the hit list with the DHS….

What’s her name Janet Reno ….errrr Janet Napolitano????

Are you turning into a woman with a butch cut, Ron?


Ron at this point wont publish my comment.


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