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This guy sheeesh is a moron. After reading this post and comments … I had to reply with this:

Sheeesh is a moderate on the subject of anal retention. hahahahaha.

Now telling us what is on Powell’s uniform. We have all followed his career sheesh.  Of course you do see that Powell is an opportunist and is buddying up to one of his own kind now.

That’s ideology sheesh; before you go on autopilot and gasp out in your best try to act indignant, your favorite word “racism”.

We don’t want democrats in the Republican Party that vote democrat. You know that sheeesh. Just like we don’t want you.

Let’s talk about how the democrats have a big tent party, and how much REAL diversity is in this party of collectivists! Forget the party that made Powell what he is. He will suffer from history as all turncoats do.

Where is the big tent in the Obama administration?


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