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I just called this guy jvon: a tea bagged pussy… he said the following in the comment section:

“That’s a lot of right wing extremists! I had no idea we had such a serious problem with these dangerous types in our country.”

Check out the post.

My comment was never put up. So I said this: 

Oh my was I censored? How’s this? 

jvon thank you for your sensitive assessment of all of us regular folks that support the country and now are called extreme or some sort of terrorist.

We promise not to hurt your feelings or say anything that may remotely make us sound like an American citizen!

I guess I was  rude by my mothers standards… but come on… this was the tea party I was at!…


 Lots of scary people to be afraid of at this location … lots of terrorists… right jvon?

Right pajamas media?


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