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Monthly Archives: April 2009

The funny thing is the people of Dafur have been participating in a hunger strike over Mia Farrow!

How noble Mia is!


Obama is turning this country into a third world country….. he is a despot dictator. This article is ridiculous. The people that make this country work are suddenly the enemy? Sorry Mr. Mauro, I don’t accept your premise, and I don’t accept this despot dictator!

“This young lady bravely speaks to a younger generation of conservatives.”

No, actually she is ignorant, arrogant and self absorbed… so much so that she has no idea of what she doesn’t know. She is a symbol of what is wrong with Americas youth.

“Fortunately, the threat was greatly reduced after Crazy Janet announced the arrests of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson is still at large.”

HAHAHAHA nice…. shhhh. Jefferson is hiding out at my house!

Heh… Jesus is all powerful and can take care of himself.

Having said that… I wouldn’t take Jesus down.

 I have respects and a Biblical fear.

I mean really …. Jesus is Jesus ..YOU  either believe or don’t. That’s a lot of power there.

The One is special though… isn’t he? He gets to be exalted.He gets to make earthly decisions. He gets to take Jesus down so HE CAN TALK.

And when Jesus looks to see who is in the book of life?

nuff said.

I just called this guy jvon: a tea bagged pussy… he said the following in the comment section:

“That’s a lot of right wing extremists! I had no idea we had such a serious problem with these dangerous types in our country.”

Check out the post.

My comment was never put up. So I said this: 

Oh my was I censored? How’s this? 

jvon thank you for your sensitive assessment of all of us regular folks that support the country and now are called extreme or some sort of terrorist.

We promise not to hurt your feelings or say anything that may remotely make us sound like an American citizen!

I guess I was  rude by my mothers standards… but come on… this was the tea party I was at!…


 Lots of scary people to be afraid of at this location … lots of terrorists… right jvon?

Right pajamas media?

Obamas manufactured popularity will crumble as it has for all the shallow Hollywood types. I love how the media sound like jealous adolescent girls.

A brilliant call to arms from the following:

“Despite stif fcompetition,Representative Barney Frank may be the most incompetent and corrupt member of Congress. 

We must seize the strategic initiative and exploit the incompetence of the current president and the no-talents who steer Congress. Let us not be timid. As with Rep. Frank, we must call a hater a hater.”

He seems to be the FACE of the party. And yes he will be elected again.
But maybe he’ll get too much FACE time and America will grow weary of him.
He is disgusting.
Of course the president uses the same tactics that Frank does.

“The state of Christianity, every Easter, is media-examined and found wanting. Christians are increasingly seen as mere political operatives and impediments to both “peace” and “progress.” “

And this writer is  falling for it.
The media? Please. They find anyone wanting that doesn’t agree with them. Obama? The One that went to the church for 20 years that he did?

We are also called to be wise as serpents and good stewards. You’re being neither.

How people are being intimidated into silence and slavery.

After reading this and some of the comments, I responded with this:

That’s all the left does is deny. They are enablers that live in denial!