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Too Funny

After lifting I went to the cardio machines with my ipod. Of course like most gyms there are TVS one may watch. The lowest rated cable news show is always on. There on the screen was that pinnacle of virtue, Elliott Spitzer.  This was apparently his first interview since he “resigned” his governorship for the state of N.Y.

Kind of funny. I wonder what else it would have  said if he had been a republican.  Disgraced, forced to resign, former Governor…… probably something more like that.

Then I looked up again on the caption and Spitzer said “the media failed us.”

Nice job CNN,(the lowest rated cable news network)you finally get what we’ve  known for all these years!

In my well deserved time in the sauna, I ran across this in a letter  in the 3/19/09 Rolling Stone Magazine…. (This was referring to an interview with Sean Penn.)

“Penn’s knowledge of politics is on par with Paris Hilton’s knowledge of biochemical engineering.”



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