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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I still don’t understand why people think Obama, the most controversial figure in history, is something to behold.
He has a certain drone to his character and speech. Like all pop tunes that get over played,and that certain people can’t get enough of,he will fade into the “one hit wonder category”. everyone gets really sick and tired of that overplayed tune pretty quickly.


“Don’t try to build a new country. Make this one work. It has for over four hundred years; and by the world’s standards, that’s hardly more than yesterday.”

If we all stood up to the powers that be like this…….. 
We’d have our country back in no time!

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……but  I read this cool story  here while having my second cup.

 Valens, a Roman Emperor, best known for losing both the battle and his head to marauding migratory Goths in the rolling fields outside Adrianople, marking what many consider the beginning of the end of the Western Empire.

Now that’s something to really ponder as I work on my TERMINATOR status at the gym. The beginning and end.

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  What might yet restore the university?

     Simple. By calling it BIG EDUCATION and vilifying it.

Isn’t that how we bring everything to it’s knees. It costs too much,it’s bloated, and it’s certainly corrupt. It’s a sink hole.

Barney Frank could demand to know where all the money is and threaten to bring the deans up before the congress. 

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Question: Why are liberals so upset with Glenn Beck?
Answer: Barney Frank and Keith Olbermann are driving people to look for anything that is sane.

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Just one more reason to ban California from the US…. no let’s go all the way … Ban California from the world.

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Tricky area but..

I took a moment to respond to this…

Men are visual…. that’s the way we are.Right or wrong, that’s just the truth.If we have good manners about it, then there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

How ever, the media is really the problem with this ,not us.They pick and choose based on looks.  So much more then us plain men. And the women in the media and otherwise are so much worse then we men ever thought of being. Catty and nasty to a fault. Whether they look good or not.

Also, the many many liberal, bitter, angry women…. especially in academia and politics, are ugly. It becomes  toxic crisis to listen to them or be around them. So that needs to be thrown into the mix.


But what really get’s me is B. Hussein Obama, the most controversial figure in history, is considered a sex pot and what a man should be and look like. What?????????

How dare the media and liberal women dumb down what we real men are and should be.

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There is a point to ignoring, well not making a huge deal over, Obamas crass comments. Some pundits think we should just go after the big issues. There is a point there. But he, the most polarizing figure in history, will be a toxic asset to everyone and everything. Just let him keep talking.

The “Special Olympics”  incident may have not caused lasting damage. But he is wearing out a lot of his supposed supporters…Look at all the smart people that love him, write about him, and voted for him in the BELTWAY. They aren’t as proud and secure as they were a couple of months ago. He will eventually infect even his staunchest supporters with large and small issues.

There is a search for wordsmiths after the pentagon decides to call the war on terror an “overseas contingency plan.”


Give Obama, the most polarizing figure in history, a little time. He’ll come around. He’ll call it the War on Terror again. He always does his double speak.It won’t mean anything, but he’ll say it.

“Wordsmiths, wherever you are, you’re needed now more than ever.”

One consolation is that these fools in Washington won’t be writing the history books…… real people will that actually won’t be writing for the moment!

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… a great movie… read this GREAT writer and see If I have a point

The Good ,the Bad ,and  The Ugly.


maybe we should just watch that movie again….. Clint wasn’t whinin’, and we are. I love your writing…. but maybe we should stop whinin’damnit… Time to look IT in the eye and walk away, ………… or grab it by the THROAT.

go to … we throttle it!